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Hamilton WatchesHamilton Watches The history of American explorers and scientists beginning of the century is accompanied by the invaluable assistance of Hamilton watches, a brand that has distinguished itself since its inception for its innovative spirit, having become the American symbol of technological daring in the world watchmaking.

Born in 1892 from the merger of the Keystone Watch and Aurora Watch Company, Hamilton begins his production in 1893 with the launch of a line of watches that would captivate the railway staff for their elegance and technical caracteríticas. The presence of Hamilton watches on the exploits of American pioneers first century was constant. Thus, in 1926, Admiral HAMILTON BYR used to fly a North Pole and then the South Pole. HAMILTON Andrew Chapman was one in their explorations of the Gobi Desert, Dickey also chose to issue by the upper Orinoco River, and the brothers Piceard in his first balloon ascent. In 1963, the first American expedition that climbed Everest Watches Hamilton elected, and four years after its precision and technology helped the success of a new expedition to the North Pole. In 1957, Hamilton introduced the first electric clock, immortalized by Elvis Presley in the movie “Blue Hawaii” and in 1970 launched the first digital electronic clock.

Hamilton WatchesHamilton Watches

In the mid 70’s, the company joins the Swiss group SMH Of the extensive sampling of Hamilton Watch Company, stands the Khaki collection, with models Quartz Khaki, Khaki III, King, Mechanic, Auto, Khaki Sub III, and special watches Armed Forces, each designed for specific audiences and needs, but united under the common denominator of a unique, high quality, durability and value. Hamilton watches are completed by the line American Classic, authentic replicas of watches HAMILTON designed in the 20, 30, 40 and 50.

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