German Classics.Despite the unconditional authority of the Swiss watchmakers

German Classics


Despite the unconditional authority of the Swiss watchmakers, more and more customers around the world are interested in products from Germany. Indeed, the history of the German masters of not less glorious, artistic and industrial traditions are kept just as carefully and performance style clock is original enough to shine with originality, while at the same time, moderate, severe and stresses the good taste of the owner.

The growing interest in the German clock fueled business and creative activity. One of the most successful projects of the past ten years has become a brand, founded in early 2000, an experienced clockmaker Bruno Zonle. This event was preceded by a forty-five of his family history in the watch industry.

The emergence of own brand Bruno Zonle with German persistence was 50 years old. In 1955, his elder brother punter Zonle founded the firm Heges-Uhren, N. und G. Sohnle KG. been producing clocks.

Ten years later, punter and Bruno have opened one more thing – their company became the distributor of the Swiss watch brands EDOX. Era Watch, Biel in the Federal Republic of Germany. By the way, this direction, having gone through quartz crisis and the unification of Europe, successfully operates today, justifying the confidence of the Swiss. For example, last year the company became a distributor of the Swiss brand EPOS. More than that.

Bruno Zonle won the tender for the production of watches for the well-known manufacturer expensive sportswear and accessories – BOGNER.

German Classics

Eight years ago, market knowledge and wealthier clientele prompted wholesalers to the next step: in the Assmann-Haus, District Glashutte, opened his own studio for the production of wristwatches Bruno Sohnle.

Since then the brand has managed to gain the most favorable reviews. According to a survey conducted in 2008 among several thousand German watchmakers in popularity Bruno Sohnle ranks third among the brands sold in their country. These watches are sold in Europe and Asia and from January 2008 the brand in Russia won the company SkyTime.

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