Erwin Sattler.For the first time the name of a respectable family in Munich Sattler

Erwin Sattler


For the first time the name of a respectable family in Munich Sattler becomes known horological community in 1903 when Henry Sattler received the Imperial patent number 163,850 for the creation of hours with perpetual calendar. To grandson Henry – Erwin – from the cradle the most important and perfect of the arts was the hour. But perfection, as you know, there is no limit.

Throughout his life, he created a watch, each time more and more sophisticated. As a result, the contribution of the watchmaker-fanatic in watchmaking is invaluable. In 1958 Erwin Sattler founded his own company Erwin Sattler Munchen and began producing exclusive, extremely precise interior clock. In the mid-80’s Erwin finally got the opportunity to fully concentrate on building hours, passing a troublesome management of the company grown up daughter Stephanie Sattler-Rick. Erwin SattLer to this day remains a unique production in which all work without exception, representatives of several generations of one family .

Erwin Sattler

His fame clock Erwin Sattler acquired by the principled position of the founder, manufacturing is not just beautiful and exclusive, and technically sophisticated watches. Over 50 years of the dynasty Sattler achieved the impossible they are mechanical masterpieces with a tolerance of no more than two seconds in a month! To maintain a leadership position, Sattler lot invested in research and even contain its own research laboratory in the Bavarian capital.

Sometimes spending a few years to create a single casket, Bayern managed to concentrate fully on the accuracy of speed, durability, the quality of the finishing details and buildings. In the Renaissance tradition of family heirlooms is very important that the clock Erwin Sattler will be passed on from generation to generation, delighting their owners’ impeccable precision.

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