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Ebel WatchesEbel WatchesMovilizante troublemaker spirit of the “Belle Epoque” drew the inspiration that made ​​it possible for Eugene and Alice Blum founded in 1911 manufactures Ebel in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland’s watchmaking heart.

The values ​​of art and craft came together to stop the tradition lead to Ebel, a blemish that has garnered throughout its history major awards including the Gold Medal of the Swiss National Exhibition in Berne (1914), or Prime Award in the category “Clocks jewel” in Switzerland (1961). the Villa Turque, one of the major works of Le Corbusier, is now the heart of the company, where there are new thoughts to ideas.

There, the Ebel watchmakers carefully selected material and place each part of the clock, however small, so harmonious with each other, because the whole is always the sum of its parts. The commitment to quality, which distinguishes Ebel, is expressed through the seal of quality 100%. Made in Switzerland, ensuring that all elements of their watches have been finished and responsibly controlled in Switzerland.

Ebel WatchesEbel Watches

With a five-year warranty and a worldwide service network, Ebel is a perfect chain with clocks out of his hand to the customer anywhere in the world. The expertise and the high refinement of Ebel differs in each of their collections, where the noblest watchmaking meets the demanding craft of jewelry lines as Shanta, a jewel clock becomes an exquisite bracelet. The revolutionary design and timeless collection offers a unique watches Lichine, with a cool box that extends into the bracelet. The glitter of gold and precious stones are clocks in the collection Beluga dream. Since the extra-bright Sport Classique Collection, models 1911, Ebel wonderful sampler includes perpetual calendars, stopwatches and chronographs of high precision and a distinctive style.

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