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Duet hours Duet hours


They say love is not clock watching. But this saying no longer relevant in the present. Because now is so much new and interesting things in the industry hours, to walk without a wristwatch not only relevant, but just not convenient, and fast pace of life in large metropolitan areas and does not allow it. But back to love.

Especially for loving couples create clock “for two” in the set went two wrist watches for men and women. Men’s watches, as well as women, performed the same way, having a look, casing and strap are made of metal, only hours are different in diameter. The diameter of the watch for men is 4 cm, and in hours for women and slightly less than the diameter of 3.1 cm Just hours Lovers different width of the strap, men’s watch strap is wider than, well, respectively, in local time for the girls he had. These watches are equipped with battery grade 377, which comes complete.The weight of her watch will be about 140-145 grams, depending on to whom they are intended. And what is most interesting in these “clocks” is that the principle of their work is very interesting and unusual. Wristwatch “for lovers” have hands and face, like all ordinary mechanical watch, but it is interesting that the arrow and the dial swapped places and functions. Arrows on the work itself took a face – he’s “man”, it rotates clockwise, indicating the current time, and the arrows in these hours are fixed, as usual it makes the dial. In general, this “duet” hours for lovers is a perfect gift to your beloved one on Valentine’s Day, and please you and your companion. Together you will look harmonious, stylish, and certainly all the guess that you are a loving couple.

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