Devices from the weather.Touch the past helps the company K. Mozer Ltd.



Touch the past helps the company K. Mozer Ltd., Which, in addition to exclusive watches, is unusual barometer, based on different principles of measuring atmospheric pressure. History of creation of each of these unique devices, in contrast to mass aneroid models associated with the good old traditions of bygone centuries, and the names of great men of the past.

For example, the so-called barometer “Goethe”. The great poet and thinker, in addition to classes in literature, gave a lot of time on science. He wrote several scientific papers and has created this liquid barometer, which, while not precise measuring device can, however, to predict weather changes.

At the famous Frankish peasant triptihone placed “Centennial Calendar.” This calendar was started in 1652, the abbot of the monastery Langenhaym Dr. Mauritiusom Knauerom. Its text is extant in virtually intact. According to this calendar, German peasants were determined days favorable for agricultural work, according to the lunar phase. On the wings of Frankisches Triptychon collected a lot of stories, observations and take. In the center is a measuring instrument that combines the thermometer and barometer . Effects of the latter is based on the principle of communicating vessels.

And what a pleasure to watch the vagaries of weather barometer Admiral Fitzroy! This glass barometer – a reminder of the good old days of shipping. Admiral Fitzroy, standing alongside such famous scientists as Galileo, Descartes, Boyle, Torricelli, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, had their own ideas about atmospheric phenomena. The action of the barometer, named in his honor, based on the fact that when the weather is changing and the amount of static electricity in the air. This, in turn, leads to a different degree of crystallization of camphor, located in an alcohol solution. For example, the crystals on the bottom of the promise to humid air and cold, and the small star of camphor in an opaque solution portend a storm.


Another device “Thermometer Galileo” not only unusual, but very beautiful thing. The principle of its creation was born of Galileo, when the great scientist was working on the problem of temperature measurement. It sounds like this, “If a solid is placed in a liquid with an equal density, temperature increases the density of the fluid decreases, and the body sinks. Hence, if put into a cylinder with the liquid slightly different density of glass spheres, they will sink to different depths at different temperatures. The temperature in this device is determined by the lowermost ball.

All of these unusual instruments are very individual, to make each of them on the shoulder is not any company. Number of providers of KMozer Ltd. Nearing ten, it brought together a unique collection. Of course, in addition to exclusive barometers have a more simple model.

But even in the most simple devices KMozer Ltd. will never alter the main principle, the uncompromising attitude to quality.

Why a company whose foundation range clock, barometer deals? The answer is simple. Buying a large clock, a man becomes not so much a unit of measurement of time as a stylish piece of furniture. Like the clock, barometers, thermometers and engravings of the interiors of KMozer Ltd. Helps to create a home or his office a unique atmosphere of antiquity and tranquility. Experience, which consultants KMozer Ltd. Are willing to share with customers, have repeatedly confirmed the justification of this approach to the representation of the goods.

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