De Grisogono watches.Among the brand new 2010 collections of haute horlogerie De Grisogono,

De Grisogono watches


Among the brand new 2010 collections of haute horlogerie De Grisogono, we can not report an interesting model for women Instrumentino. Among the new interpretations of the watches that have been icons of the brand and have marked the history of all Instrumentino expresses the utmost femininity.

The flowing lines and harmonious proportions dell’Instrumentino express their femininity through a new language, that of diamonds and precious stones.

In a rainbow of pink sapphires, blue, brown or green in the face of this watch that symbolizes the de Grisogono collections reveals a novel aspect of his personality through un’incastonatura of extreme refinement.

De Grisogono watches

Wrapped in this sumptuous as the complication of dual time comes alive to the rhythm of a mechanical movement with automatic winding or – new solution for de Grisogono – a quartz movement.
The clock shows its precious class through the profile of gold edged pink.

In more current and sporting elegant takes on the color of steel or PVD blackened.

And more women than ever, it wraps around the wrist with a leather strap of festivals in black, green, blue, white, pink or brown with matching gems.

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