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Swatch GroupSwatch Group


Having made the decision to extend its brand on the clock, managers, MANGO, already podnatorevshie in franchising, and is not thought to produce their own.

Caring about the quality offered under its own brand products, the contractor they chose the Swiss firm Endura, which is composed of the famous Swatch Group. In Hayek’s empire, this “province” has a very large degree of autonomy and has a very special role: it is the only company that has not spawned its own brand, but for many years specialized in manufacturing hours for outside clients.

Swatch GroupSwatch Group

Endura was the best choice for MANGO not only because it is a powerful time concern and is able to provide any whim of the client. We can say that the watch MANGO agreed strategic interests of the customer and manufacturer. Several years ago, one of the ideologists of Swatch Group proposed to strengthen the area of ​​accessories and jewelry. The conversion clock in the fashion accessory capable of giving a significant boost to development. Increased attention to the Fashion hours today – is already widespread trend. MANGO-hours is the best fit into this strategy.

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