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 Counterarguments from MEXX Counterarguments from MEXX



  • Are produced in factories owned by companies of European
  • Product development, technology and quality control involved in Europeans
  • The same clock MEXX sold in the markets of Europe, the United States and Japan, which means that they are very high quality
  • Hours are certified for compliance with quality standards of the Russian Federation

World Factory

It’s no secret that in recent decades, China has turned into a world factory, which shoes, clothes and supplies various goods all over the world. Inexhaustible resources of cheap labor are pushing manufacturers to transfer from the Old World to China all the new businesses. Since the equipment, engineering staff and the control system are European, from the standpoint of the quality of these products are no different from those made in Germany, France or the United States. However, certain prejudices against Chinese goods among consumers is still there. Therefore, although in different sectors of the consumer market from 50% to 90% of products have long been available in China, until recently, companies tried not to publicize the Asian origin of the goods and hid behind birochki type Designed in Italy (Made in Italy) or Made for Gucci (Made for a Gucci).

But parulet ago in several European Union countries adopted the law by which each product should be designated actual country of production. As a result, sly inscriptions had to change to the fair, and handbags Gucci, jeans from D & G clothing and Mango, sold in department stores and boutiques of these brands, there were the words Made in China. The reaction of consumers to such labels was different. Most reacted calmly to their appearance, but some of the people in our country, and in the West commodity with a price tag that reads “Made in China” is questionable.

With prejudice of consumers regarding the quality of Chinese products and the company faced “Korillon – Russian distributor MEXX hours. Watch for these fashion brands under license MEXX Europe BV issued a Swiss-German concern EganaGoldpfeil, the majority of production facilities which are located in China. Since a significant proportion of hours MEXX is for the EU market since last year, the manufacturer has to indicate on their products of origin, as Russian law requires to indicate country of origin at the price tag.

 Counterarguments from MEXX Counterarguments from MEXX
To help the shop to work with buyers of doubters, the company Korillon released a handbook for merchants, is a small booklet with a story about the brand and technology of its sales. One chapter is devoted to the benefits just a counterargument about the Chinese origin. Here we present some of the recommendations “Korillona.

Three reasons to doubt

Faced with prejudice on Chinese goods, you must first try to understand exactly what worries people. Negative attitude towards the product or concerns may arise for various reasons. Most often, they are based on:

  • Distrust of the quality;
  • Fear of counterfeiting;
  • Concern for the prestige acquired things.

Realizing that it was concerned about the buyer, can cause arguments, removes these doubts. So, we shall understand in order.

Stereotype number 1. Doubt as

Indeed, there is a very common prejudice that all Chinese goods – substandard. In fact, Chinese goods are different. Even in times of perestroika were known, the terms “artisanal China”, which refers to a cheap low-quality products of small cooperatives, and factory-China “, that is high quality merchandise, released on the official state-controlled Chinese factories. If we use this analogy, the clock MEXX belong to the second category of goods.

Just do something made ​​in China watch MEXX Chinese can be called only conditionally. Chinese in their production – only working hands. Everything else – technology, equipment, quality control, standards and certification – are European. Most of the engineering staff in the factories and the Europeans. And does it matter who is tightening the nut or retracted in the shop, Chinese or European? Importantly – who designed the product and who controls its output quality. Plants, which manufacture components and assemble watches MEXX belong to German concern EganaGoldpfeil. Experts of the European office of the company strictly monitor the quality of its products as it comes not only in Russia and Asia, but also to U.S. markets, Europe and Japan, where the requirements for this product is very high. All presented in a shop hours are certified for compliance with safety and quality standards adopted in Russia.

Stereotype number 2. Doubts about the originality

Too many buyers believe that all Chinese goods – fake. Indeed, most of the fakes in the world produced small semi-underground Chinese firms. But counterfeiting has nothing to do with the clock MEXX.

 Counterarguments from MEXX Counterarguments from MEXX
Producers of fakes profit by deceiving the buyer: they illegally use other people’s names and place of these expensive materials and technologies used by more than cheap and substandard. Therefore, the forgery, as a rule, have no documents. Decent shops prefer not to mess with fakes, and those sold on the streets, markets, etc. Hours MEXX delivered in Russia, the official dealer – the company has a contract with the official manufacturer of the watch.

The fact that counterfeiting has nothing to do with the clock MEXX, it is easy to see, just took them in hand. In the forgeries used cheap materials: Alloy, brass, leather, they performed with numerous flaws. MEXX clock made ​​from expensive materials with high quality.

Incidentally, the price tags for counterfeit nobody ever writes Made in China – most likely an underground company tells a more prestigious country like Switzerland or France.

In many hours of fashion brands have a certain specificity: they are produced not by the owner of the brand, and the other firm. That’s how things have MEXX, a license for the production of which has Egana HARU MFR. CORR LIMITED, a member of the holding EganaGoldpfeil.

Therefore, in response to customer questions about why the watch manufacturer MEXX MEXX means no company, and some other company, to be told that the company MEXX do not make them watch. In the world it is common practice, when a shortage of its own production facilities company of the trademark owner enters into an agreement with another firm to produce goods under its own trademark. For example, in a factory in Kaliningrad are going cars BMW. Exactly the same agreement in force between the brand owner MEXX and the Swiss company Egana HARU MFR. CORP. LIMITED. This company, like many other watch manufacturers such as Swatch Group, has its own factory in China, where it produces the goods. Quality control, engineering, etc. carried out by specialists company’s head office in Germany.

Stereotype number 3. Prestige

Today, most consumer goods, including clothing and footwear fashion brands, produced directly in China. However, EU legislation requires that at the price tag to the product was listed real country of manufacture. Exactly the same birochki Made in China you will find on almost all goods in boutiques. This is a sign of originality of the goods. But if you’re somewhere you will notice that the product shows a different country of manufacture, it is very likely and would mean that you – a fake.

Asia and the quality of the clock

Contrary to popular belief, scientific evidence suggests that, with respect to hours of Asiatic origin of the goods is not a minus, a plus in terms of quality. The study of the World Labor Organization (WTO) on international division of labor, it became clear that the leadership of Asian companies in the manufacture of watches and other such goods is under a physiological basis. It turns out that the most adaptable to a monotonic monotonous work for a long time without any loss in quality are young women – a native of China, Malaysia, the Philippines. Europeans, by contrast, can not long do the same job. They quickly get tired and the quality of their work is greatly reduced. A production of watches of the middle class is based, firstly, on the use of automation, requiring no human labor, and secondly, on the thin monotonous work, for which Chinese workers best suited.

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