Clock And Mood.What is so managed to make the company Endura,

Clock And Mood


What is so managed to make the company Endura, the clock MANGO gone beyond single-brand stores and were on the shelves hourly pavilions?

Inalienable value of the hours MANGO – this, of course, well recognized and respected brand. When a young woman experiences an impulsive desire to buy a watch and entered the shop, she drew attention primarily on the familiar names. MANGO proven time and boutiques will not leave indifferent urban fashionistas.

The second trump card – design. Along with the classic version of the wristwatch MANGO produces watches, belts, watches, necklaces and even a clock that can be worn as a bracelet on her ankle! Branded chip MANGO – hours – a series of oval form, repeating the original spelling of the letters 0 and logo MANGO. Watches come in several sizes of casing, quartz, and electronic digital display.

MANGO-watch – it is a rich mixture of materials and colors. Corps of hypo-allergenic stainless steel, PVD-coated, high-quality mineral glass, leather straps with logo, inserts of satin, satin and wood. Decorated with Crystals Swarovski, artificial pearls or flowers and figures made of metal, MANGO – a watch for all occasions. MANGO offers classic casual-option for the office and bustle of the city, and cocktail hour for a romantic evening, and sport – an active dynamic lifestyle.

Clock And Mood

Finally, when the purchase is made on the mood, plays a vital role for money. In MANGO, along with excellent quality and very attractive price: from 1500 to 4000 rubles. In this case, the quality of goods will meet the Swatch Group.

You can be confident that the popularity of the clock MANGO provides an expanding Russian middle class, the beautiful half of which is gradually changing the ratio of the clock, and one begins to realize that the clock – is not only a device for measuring time, but also a fashion accessory, able to emphasize individuality. With the advent of MANGO choose hours that suit your mood, for a special occasion and to her favorite outfits to become even easier.

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