Chanel Watches

Chanel Watches


Feminine elegance has a name: Chanel. Bring a garment or a complement signed by this brand is to live in a world of dreams come true by the style in which its founder Coco Chanel sealed his time. In 1987, the French brand was introduced in the watchmaking industry and from their workshops in the emblematic watchmaking city of La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland) come to light a collection full of beauty, luxury and the best art of watchmaking .

The gold and steel, white and black models preside originate-full of designs and shapes as well as innovative decorations based pearls, diamonds, chains and quilting. Women more discreet and sophisticated’ll fall under the seductive Chanel watches with a particular number and a two-year international warranty, these time pieces are sold at Chanel boutiques worldwide and in some selected jewelry. The air “chic” that involves both their cases and their bracelets is achieved through a manual installation, as shown in square and octagonal forms, in the majestic simplicity of its fields or its braided bracelets.

Chanel Watches

The collections “Premiere”, “Mademoiselle” and “Matelassée” exhibit three very different personalities. The first, published ten years ago, recalls the famous perfume cap No. 5 in the cut edges of sapphire crystal, the second classic 30’s style, sporting a wide box, and the third, very innovative one recovers favorite motifs of Coco Chanel quilting point, now coupled, flexible, articulate, joints more refined.

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