Casio Watches.”Creativity and Contribution” is the philosophy of the company Casio

Casio Watches


“Creativity and Contribution” is the philosophy of the company Casio, born from the hand of the Khasi brothers in 1957 and currently is the absolute leader in sales of digital watches. Officially distributed in Spain by Forum Electronics, SA, watches Casio has a history marked success.

After launching in 1972 the personal use calculator Casio Mini, the Japanese firm in 1974 developed a digital clock can display the date and day of the week, in addition to the hour and minute. In its various functions necessary to add a unique design combining the resin with stainless steel, mineral glass, graphical displays, digital LCD TFT or STN. With all this, Casio is next most risky sports (mountaineering, scuba diving, skate-boarding, hockey) of businesses, including U.S. Marines because of its great features and functions.

The latest technologies are incorporated their watches by Casio, which only came to light after intensive research, including the new G-Shock collection, a watch that develops the project “triple 10”, which means 10 years of life, with a impermeability least 10 atmospheres, and a drop test from 10 feet. Its origin dates back to 1981 when engineers at the Department of Research and Development Casio decided to flee the very delicate and elegant models to reach a clock drive like a tank and an innovative design.

Casio Watches

The name of this last collection was the 0 of gravity and Shock, shock, forming the world’s toughest watch with a unidirectional structure absorbs shock continues with the concept of “floating module” and declines in extensive modeling specialist. When buying a Casio never forget the warranty request”quasi-official ”

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