Cartier Watches.The first watches of Cartier appear on file in 1853

Cartier Watches


The first watches of Cartier appear on file in 1853: pocket watches and clocks with very special shapes, bags, lighters or toilet. All these pieces were made ​​in the workshops of Cartier jewelry.

It was later, at the time of Louis Cartier, when he developed the watch within the world of Cartier. Thanks to its momentum, it creates the first workshop of watches of the House in which it made ​​to order a large number of clocks, watches for ladies and said pocket for men, always for the most distinguished clientele. In 1904, Louis Cartier created the first Cartier wristwatch for his friend the aviator Santos Dumont. This watch with leather strap allows the pilot, a man of action par excellence, more easily see the time while flying.

In 1919, Cartier created the famous clock Tank, a tribute to American officials in Europe. This clock, ultra modern for its time, gets an immediate success. Cartier watch appropriates this pure, to be varied to infinity and that even today is one of the great best-seller of the house. Cartier is also the creator of the famous pin down list, which offers more security to the wearer and ensures greater longevity of the leather strap that is better protected and handled less.

Cartier Watches

The jeweler’s art culminates in this period, with the creation of an extraordinary series of mysterious clocks, wonderful creations with translucent spheres, whose hands seem to move themselves through space, through a mechanism almost magical. To this day, many other wonderful creations have come to accompany alquellas mythical first pieces: The Saints in 1978, Panthere in 1983, the Pasha in 1985, Must 21 in 1986, the American Tank in 1989, the Diabolo in 1991, Tank Francaise in 1996 and Trinity in 1997. Precisely for this latest creation, say that its rounded lines predispose us to touch him, to feel and to love.

In the softness of gold you can see a new interpretation of the myth of the three rings of Cartier timeless jewel that joins the three rings in rose gold, white and yellow gold, the symbols of love, friendship and loyalty. This watch features a beautiful new look to the feminine and decidedly elegant reflection of modern luxury. The accuracy of the details expresses the constant desire to seek perfection Cartier.

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