“Broken” wristwatch.Modern designers wrist watches used to amaze

"Broken" wristwatch


Modern designers wrist watches used to amaze us more and more of its non-standard ideas and concepts ever watch. Most designers, of course, trying to surprise everyone with a unique “hybrid” crossing wristwatch with anything, whether it be telephone, radio, navigator, camera and so forth.

Harder to impress the opposite course, that is minimalist, making possible to say nothing of something unusual and interesting. Chinese designer Yiran Qian really knows how to surprise and we can say that he did nothing of the watch. An innovative model of wristwatch “Eye of the Storm”-looking more like a broken clock, they do not dial, the dial instead of an empty space, only the rim and strap. But in them there is a small trick, tiny buttons, when clicked, and it becomes clear. The fact that these watches work by touch, by pressing the button itself does not appear in their face, no arrows will appear, and there are two notches, which over time change their position. These notches of different lengths, short indicates minutes, and one that replaces the long-clockwise. With the principle of clear, but “newbies” looking at his watch “Eye of the Storm” by designer Yiran Qian think that the owner of the watch had gone mad, putting themselves unfit for the use of clocks. But those who loved to shock others, probably already in a hurry to buy this innovative model of a wristwatch, but the rush to nothing, unfortunately it is only a concept and idea of ​​the author, and he will be able to shock us by releasing these watches in the near future. In the meantime, just have to enjoy the “empty space” in the pictures and wonder what came up progress.

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