Breil with steel core and lighter body.Steel core and coating of polycarbonate Hi-Tech

 Breil with steel core and lighter body


Steel core and coating of polycarbonate Hi-Tech: these are the distinguishing marks of the new creature Mantala Berl.

This is a model that incorporates the features of a symbol of the brand, Breil Manta, and that is the protagonist of the last and winning new advertising message, “If my Breil could speak.”

A clock that plays the role of light-colored polycarbonate and hi-tech and that is proposed in several colors to follow all the seasons, marked by a new design concept.

With Breil Mantala, brand Breil shows its ability to renew itself over the years and break the rules of the market with a product once again of design and the contemporary.

Currently 12 models have been proposed in seven for men (multifunctional and only time) and five women (single crystals and on the dial). All present a case that includes a steel body, coated with hi-tech polycarbonate, which is complemented by a soft polyurethane bezel. The steel bezel is enlivened by the different colors of polycarbonate inserts and crowns are made of steel.

A clock light also in the price (a minimum of 79Euro), innovative and intriguing, suggested two variants essential with polycarbonate bracelet with steel shutters and different or more simple straps made of polyurethane.

E ‘robust and reliable even in movement and solid construction and is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters for female models in versions with white crystals embedded on the dial.

Breil, recognized as the brand with the highest content of design in the market watch, reaffirms its innovative spirit and spearhead a new challenge.

Conceptual point of view, the collection Breil with steel core and lighter body.

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