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G-Shock: Charged To The Accuracy

Line G-Shock. One of the priority projects Casio, supplemented in the autumn season, a number of new models. Among the nickname multifunction clock G-7700-1ER, which have not yet had a unique, technologically, and may be considered a new step in the development of G-Shock.

The main feature of G-7700 is a dual stopwatch with the ability to measure thousandths of a second, which expands the scope of the G-Shock. making it possible to use the new model and in professional sports. Accuracy and timing step approached the border, where a more accurate measurement does not allow the reaction rate of the human body.


Next on the face of G-7700-1ER developers to fit not one but two separate display. The main information screen display complemented by a smaller size, which shows the day of the week and the week number, as well as active modes. Incidentally, this rather unconventional for the Russian consumer function, as the number of weeks, will be useful to. who communicates with colleagues from abroad, where often the term used to indicate the number of weeks.

We can not ignore the more usual for Casio features that make G-Shock watches for all occasions: a timer, world time, auto calendar and five alarms with ability to display not only time but also the number and the month. In addition, to the joy of jogging the memory is provided for 100 laps. Finally, the alarm clock and timer can be accompanied by a multi-colored flashing LED. Clock supplied avtopodsvetkoy and like any model G-Shock. G-7700 high impact and water resistant to 200 meters.

Edifice: High Technology For Modern Men

Currently, more and more attention paid to his Casio gaining strength subbrendu Edifice. It seems, constantly updating collections, using sophisticated machinery and expensive materials, the Japanese watch giant makes Edifice of the locomotive, which take out Casio’s higher price category. Already Edifice positioned as a stylish and very good everyday watch for the “thorough” self-confident people. Casio is constantly pursued work on expanding and updating the range gives great results, because Edifice today – it’s not devoid of features of “serious” hi-tech, and models of sporty and classic quartz, as well – watch with a hybrid digital-analog display (a series of EFA).


New EF-321L-1AVEF – a vivid example rather than style, and spirit Edifice, a product that most clearly reflects the philosophy of the brand. Solid metal casing, expensive and at the same time flashing orange strap. The same color – bursting with energy dial. “Second Time” shows the retrograde, which evokes quite specific associations with the dashboard “vintage” car is the undoubted highlight of this watch.

The autumn season brings new instances in the collection of chronographs Edifice. Hours of EF-517D-1AVEF analog stopwatch “grown” out of the sport, but with this chronograph is not ashamed to appear in the society where they are accustomed to wear expensive Swiss watches. Standard functions EF-517D-1AVEF include date display and the afterglow. Despite the strict classical form. clock can be used in their free time: Edifice is waterproof to 100 meters and analog stopwatch accurate to 1 / 20 sec. Excellent design and quality materials, reliability and attractiveness – all these new chronographs Edifice, who for the accuracy of the superior mechanics many times. Edifice of the new products with digital-analog indication it is worth noting EFA-124D-1AVEF. featuring original appearance. A clock face, as it were divided into 3 sectors: Analog, digital, and sector-like radio tuning dial, which displays modes hours. World time, stopwatch, backlight and signal / alarm clock – all these have EFA-124D – a worthy representative of the family Edifice.

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