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Authentic watchesAuthentic watches


Over time, observe love, not everything, especially the elderly, because looking at running a second a minute later, there are some thoughts about that time did not return, young leaves, and therefore prefer to watch does not look clean them on a long box to some top drawer. For such pessimistic people designer Deriel Will Harris (Daniel Will-Harris) has created innovative watches under the name “Past-Present-Future Watch”.

These watches are specially designed for those who do not want to watch all twelve numbers on the dial, but for those who want to know just the current time, for those as you can tell who lives in the present time. The concept of these hours is that the dial clock “Past-Present-Future Watch” their owner sees a window, which shows the current hour, minute and second. But beneath this window inscription present, which means that now, left the inscription past, which translates as “past” and to the right the inscription future, which translates as not difficult to guess, “the future”. The owner of those hours on the dial only sees the present, current time and nothing more, glancing at his wristwatch, he sees no future, no past, only the present. Clock hours under the title “Past-Present-Future Watch” Deriela from designer Will-Harris (Daniel Will-Harris) Good deal for those who lives in the present, for the most realistic realists, for those who do not wish to observe the time which inexorably runs forward. Also watch “Past-Present-Future Watch” look great, they are very stylish, and the Braves in a classic style, and certainly enjoy not only the “pessimists”, but simply lovers of stylish, beautiful and practical accessories.

Authentic watchesAuthentic watches

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