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determine Watches determine Watches


The price of these watches is high, like luxury watches that have gemstones in their design. But what are the main factors that determines the final price of a luxury watch? Some factors that influence value are:

Metals and other materials used in their manufacture, such as stainless steel, silver, yellow or pink gold, white gold, platinum.

The type of mechanism motion: a minute repeater has great value, too timers, perpetual calendars, retrograde. These supplements, alone or in combination, affect the value of the clock.

The production scale: the smaller the number of clocks in a series that have been made, the greater the value of the clock. Some series are less than 10 clocks.
The content of gemstones and diamonds.

determine Watches determine Watches

Accessories and technology: companies create different accessories for new models, and as always, the new is always more expensive the more recent.

The brand of the watch. Two brands with the same clock, will be priced very differently. The brand of the watch adds distinction, and this is paid.

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