Acetime always in the spirit of the times.EuroAce Enterprises Ltd. Acetime registered the brand in the early 90’s in Germany



EuroAce Enterprises Ltd. Acetime registered the brand in the early 90’s in Germany. Over time he became associated not only with reasonable pricing policy, which initially holds the company, but also with high quality products. EuroAce not just the owner of the watch brand, the company is also a major shareholder of several plants in China and Taiwan, and therefore directly controls the quality of production of parts of mechanisms and assembly hours. Therefore, at all hours Acetime given two-year warranty.

Successful and fairly rapid development EuroAce, the result of a single and clearly defined the concept of national markets. It is based on a firm management decision to distribute products EuroAce only through authorized representatives, who must maintain and develop their own distribution network in the country.
Official representative of the British company in Russia and CIS countries during the 8 years is Acetime. This is one of the fastest growing offices EuroAce Enterprises Ltd. First of all, the rapidly expanding range of products. The company currently represents in the Russian market for about a thousand different models and a semi-annual updates range on third.

In general, the model Acetime can be divided into four areas: wall, table, clock and alarm clocks. But the collections themselves much more – 11.


Most comprehensive Acetime offers wall clocks. Here you can find simple models – classic round in plastic and wooden hulls and sophisticated measuring instruments – for example, watches the barometer and hygrometer. Such abundance is explained by the fact that it is in these collections, the company tries to fulfill its motto – “To be the first.” In 2002 Acetime first introduced in the Russian market the most interesting technical novelties in the wall clocks. So, at last year’s Moscow Watch Salon Acetime was the only company in someone stands you could see the model of the now fashionable trend in wall clocks ,the second hand to replace them “floating” picture. Another novelty-2002 were children’s wall clocks with the floating arrow.
Of particular interest is the collection Sweep, consisting of hours of swimming a second hand. Unlike conventional they are absolutely silent. The range Acetime the entire range of these watches: interesting combinations of different shapes and materials of the case and dial create a feeling of abundance. Popular and the pendulum clock made ​​of wood, among which is the model 4139PNW – her body is made ​​in the form of an inverted cone. In the designer’s collection features avant-garde model, here you can find the clock in high-tech style (body and face of the silver metal), and variations on the theme of classical clocks.

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