Wrist watches.The watch is a clock that is worn around the wrist with a ribbon

wrist-watchThe watch is a clock that is worn around the wrist with a ribbon. It is usually left in right-and left-handers usually worn on the right. The reason for this is that the clocks could not be used to make it too easy and therefore the need for more power. This force had been in the right hand. # The builders of one of the first such watch was Peter Heinlein at about 1500. It is believed that before there were even portable clocks. The first digital Clock Peter Petroff developed in 1970. Today, there are already different watches with more functions than just the speaking clock as used by Tissot T-Touch, Touch, or Sea-Sailing-Touch.

These watches have features such as compass, perpetual calendar, stopwatch, weather announcements, And all on a touch screen. The most expensive watch in the world currently costs $ 1,000,000. But normal watches have not only the function of the time to say but they are in most cases as an ornament, because the time you see them everywhere: on churches, cell phones, computers, Fehr seers … watches are in the category of watches sold mostly with a tremendous advantage. Today almost everyone has a watch. Just the Swatch watch brand from Switzerland has so far produced over 500,000,000 watches and their objective is it to the year 2033 to have produced 1’111’000’000 watches. Watches made of different materials. Whether the case is now made of stainless steel and diamonds and is a leather belt or not, they can decide yourself.

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