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Tag Heuer 1000 Mikrotimer Flying Concept Chronograph, the watch of Records Tag Heuer 1000 Mikrotimer Flying Concept Chronograph, the watch of Records Let’s go back to talking about Tag Heuer ‘s Baselworld that the latest edition of its world premiere the new Concept Watch, the first mechanical chronograph to measure and display 1 / 1000 second, 125 times more accurate than any existing mechanical chronograph.
With the model TAG Heuer Concept Chronograph Mikrotimer Flying 1000, the brand is proving once again the undisputed leader in measuring the 1 / 100, 1/1.000 and 1/10.000 of a second.

An example: 1 / 1000 of a second corresponds to a distance of 10 cm for a Formula 1 car traveling at more than 300 km / h. In a race of more than 305 km, 10 cm, the length of a finger, may seem irrelevant, but they can make the difference between a first and a second place for a world title.

TAG Heuer Concept Chronograph 1000 Mikrotimer Flying is the only mechanical timepiece capable of measuring and show this difference is infinitesimal.
The central sphere makes an outstanding set of 10 complete rotations of the main dial, indicating the 1 / 1000 second and 1 / 100 of a second ranking on a scale from 0 to 100 on the outside of the dial.

A second main ball, smaller, indicates the minutes (TAG Heuer patent pending approval) and 1 / 12 of the second minute on a scale to 150 seconds.

A counter at 6 o’clock displays the 1 / 10 of a second, calibrated to 5 seconds.
Flying the aesthetically beautiful Mikrotimer 1000 presents the case handles with black PVD titanium treatment and ruthenium black for the movement, ms is still at the concept.
As in the case of the Monaco V4, we will need to develop more depth to provide the same unparalleled clarity and precision that characterized every masterpiece TAG Heuer made within the last 151 years.

Founded in 1860, TAG Heuer is the dominant measurement of high frequency chronograph since 1916, the year when Charles-August Heuer chronograph Mikrograph made, accurate to one hundredth of a second.

In January 2011 TAG Heuer is taking another step forward with the Mikrograph hundredth of a second, the first mechanical wrist chronograph in the world to see the hundredth of a second ball through the middle of the second.

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