Dunhil Watches.Alfred Dunhill,enduring reflection of the pride, craftsmanship, classic, luxury and the British

Alfred Dunhill, enduring reflection of the pride, craftsmanship, classic, luxury and the British tradition at its most beautiful and pure, is now the ultimate expression of eternal chic, from a history of more than 100 years, released to the challenge of the new millennium.

Since its inception, the company’s success has been based on the obsession of its founders by the quality of craftsmanship. Alfred Dunhill said of their products: “They must be useful, reliable, beautiful, durable and better than any other of its kind”, a philosophy that remains valid today. Through the 100-year history of Alfred Dunhill, the brand has gained a “savoir faire” personal thought for a select buyer can find virtually anything you want in a wide selection of items, watches, writing instruments, lighters , smoking accessories, pipes, jewelry, perfumes, ties, shirts.


The brand positioning can be summarized in one sentence: “Alfred Dunhill is a luxury British brand, classic, multi for men.” Designing watches perfect for individuals demanding a guarantee of the signs of Alfred Dunhill. The first watch Alfred Dunhill was created in 1906 and since then, throughout the millennium, the brand continues to display a greater sense of modernity.

The design of watches combines traditional technical elements with a more modern, and is inspired by the vibrant heart of London. The result of these elements is a collection that expresses the needs of modern man towards work, leisure and sport. So many years producing watches deserved tribute, and so in 1993 the firm introduced the range Centenario to commemorate 100 years of the company.

This is a collection that fits perfectly with the style of Alfred Dunhill of discretion and timeless charm. One of the most recent developments is the range of Londinium, which combine tradition and beauty are inspired by the architecture of London, is designed for customers seeking a classic sports watch. The avant-garde desires also have answers Alfred Dunhill, who in 1997 renewed the Millennium Collection, with bold patterns and extremely lightweight.

With the AD2000 line, whose design is inspired in the automotive world and contemporary architecture, Alfred Dunhill affirms its willingness to maintain the ultimate expression of craftsmanship, luxury and perfection towards the year ahead.

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