BOUCHERON WATCHES.Since 1858,Boucheron is a magical name that turns time into art



Since 1858,Boucheron is a magical name that turns time into art, giving it a perfect charm and the latest technologies. His legend was born with beauty and luxury Frederick Boucheron, who was installed in the gallery first Valois Royal Palace in Paris, and later, in 1893, in No. 26 of the Place Vendome, where a new decor features an environment today designed specifically for timekeeping.

Boucheron buy a watch is a true state of mind, a way of life that the French firm will help cultivate an unparalleled virtuosity. Boucheron watchmaking passion dates back to 1880, when he created the first watch, followed by the patent system clock bracelet unique invisible zipper (1948), which remains in force today. His other memorable milestones are the birth of watches with interchangeable wristbands in 28 models, gold watches with bracelets of gold, its line of steel watches with interchangeable bracelets and watches fixed steel bracelet and a steel and gold. The unmistakable and forms of Boucheron watches have also marked a milestone in the history of the industry. First it was his rectangular watch, a classic unmistakable, and then round the clock, so captivating, astonishing in its final version in the round chronograph watch or “Montre”Solis, with this new realization watch, Boucheron enters a firm foothold in the field of sport and offers the best technical prowess.

All timeless design with a sensual and Godron that brilliantly capture the light and playing with her ​​bracelets. The exhibit round watches leather interchangeable strap invisible zipper and the BEST system (Boucheron Easy System Technology), and the renowned jeweler Boucheron is represented in their new models set with.

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