BERTOLUCCI WATCHES.Bertolucci gives life to time through a very expressive



Bertolucci gives life to time through a very expressive and personal clocks to recreate the perfection of nature, where each object has a value in itself.

Introduced in Switzerland in 1987, this firm, which has shown that the clock is an art, is one of the few that can be called “Manufacture des Montres”as it retains the right to make each piece craftsman in the factory. The first thing that catches the attention of the clocks Bertolucci is the sensual softness of rounded shapes that touch, thanks to a hand-polished, providing a pleasant feeling of velvet.

The design forms a picture that reminds women to femininity, but when a knight model represents the force. And the vocation Bertolucci jewelry magic shows in alternating matte and shine in their cases and bracelets in precious stones that shine with a special glow.

The advanced technology also defines Bertolucci, a mark of great success in Europe, USA and the Far East. Its distributor in Spain is Diarsa, whose president, Marzio Villa, stresses that each of these watches is a precious object at any time “This is shown in pieces as beautiful as the Vir lines, Pulchra and Maris, which can be lucid on the beach or the opera, and following a unique concept through a very harmonious architecture. Year after year, kept its vocation Bertolucci watch but with a very elegant creations and full of subtle curves.

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