The name of Baume & Mercier is praised worldwide for their exceptional quality and because its timing is always chaired by the Greek letter “PHI”, symbolizing the “golden number” that the great Leonardo da Vinci renamed the “proportion divine. ”

Headquartered in Geneva, the origins of this company will parallel those of Baume French brothers who were working in 1543 watchmakers in Bois, near La Chaux-de – Fonds. Its innovative and exceptional early models were awarded with prizes and medals at world exhibitions and in 1918, a meeting between William Baume and Paul Mercier gave rise to the beginning of the firm now known as Baume & Mercier.

Always in constant evolution, Baume & Mercier develop a perfect balance between tradition and modernity, classicism and sportsmanship. Each creation is synonymous with the ongoing pursuit of perfection, a quality / price excellent and creative diversity very particular., Which currently belongs to the group Cartier, Baume & Mercier loyalty of its customers around the world with a family of watches as prestigious as LINE, MALIBU, HAMPTON, RIVIERA, or ILEA, and we can add the emblematic CATWALK, Classima or TRANSATLANTIC. With all of them can enter into a magical world filled with boxes of steel and 18 carat gold, tonneau-shaped or rectangular, round and dodecagonal, mechanical and quartz movements, areas with rates varying schedules, leather clasp … All genuinely beautiful style that falls to men and women alike.

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