Available in Spain: Alfex.It was in 1974 when Mme.


Available in Spain: Alfex

It was in 1974 when Mme. Alfa Grosa and M. Fernand Gindraux, both active in the world of watchmaking since 1950, the company created Alfex of Switzerland, four years before, society Ferex SA where he held the position of leadership. Desiring more freedom within their own company, then founded Alfex of Switzerland , a society that attaches a new partner in 1981, M. Hans Saurer.

Only watch factory in Tessin, the young company has its administrative headquarters in Lugano, production facilities are in Chiasso and Lugano.

Also produce watches with its own brand name as prestigious Alfex of Switzerland is today one of the largest Swiss watch factories in the world. In just over 20 years, society has generated tessinesa many developments within the watch industry. For example, Alfex of Switzerland wants to launch fashion lady watches colored steel. She is also the precursor of the first watches with moon phase and affordable watches Maxi.

In summary, Alfex of Switzerland has developed the world’s widest range of gift sets, a market segment where it is now clear leader gives.

Always eager to keep up with fashion, Alfex of Switzerland works closely with developers and designers renowned watches from Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Alfex, reveals new trends and conveys to the world of watchmaking.

One of the best examples is the Moments Collection, a range of sophisticated design which establishes new criteria for aesthetics and value for money, which owes its success to the ultra modern design, a quality finish that can guarantee only Switzerland and studied as its price, all this set, allows a wide audience while offering a jewel relevant and reliable clock.

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