Watch for the domino



Domino will never go out of fashion – it played and played. In addition, bone dominoes are used not only for the game, but also in works of art, there are many expressions connected with the domino effect like dominoes. Recently there and watch, made in the form of dominoes – they will love all those who appreciate the interesting interior design, as well as all the modern and the original device. Watches are made in the form of three bones dominoes, and huge – they take a lot of space on the wall. Just say that to determine the time it is not easy, but if you master of the house, you will quickly learn to do it. In the first hour of the bones displayed – from 0 to 12. That is, if the bone is completely black, and on it there is no circle, then on the street or at midnight or noon. 5 points represent 5 hours, and their maximum number – 12, i.e. 6 +6 points means 12 hours or at night.
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