How to make sure you get the best estate agent when moving

Moving, or planning to move, can be an exciting time in your life. You can start over fresh, find a property that suits you and move somewhere that’s more your style. But, when it comes to selling your property or buying a new one there are a lot of risks involved. A good estate agent will guide you through it all and work together with you to sell your property for a god price and buy a new one for a good price too. If you’re not sure how to find a good quality estate agent, here are some tips to help you narrow down your search:

Do your research

No matter how friendly estate agents are and how often they tell you how generous their fees are, you should never take them at face value. Shop around and figure out for yourself some of the average prices. When it comes to properties as well, research online some of the ones available in the area you’re looking to move to. You might be able to see what sort of price range you should expect and what types of properties you should be looking into. If you’re looking to sell your current property you should also get your property valued by a few different people. Estate agents that want your business may overvalue your property in order to convince you to work with them, although the price they sell the property for (if they sell it at all) may be far less than their initial value. So, try to get an average value on your property. This way you’ll know which sort of estate agents know their stuff and which are telling tall tales.

Look for someone experienced

One particular estate agent might be fantastic when it comes to selling apartments, but that doesn’t mean that they know anything about family homes. Different properties have different needs and there are all sorts of details that need to be known and taken into consideration before you commit to buying or renting a property. The best way to make sure your estate agent knows exactly what you’re looking for is to find someone that’s experienced in selling the type of property you’re looking for as well as the type of property you’re trying to sell. A good example of the right type of estate agent would be Fen Wright. They are an experienced Chelmsford estate agent with a strong reputation. They’ve been around long enough to know everything about the properties they’re selling and receive regular positive feedback from real customers that you can examine for yourself.

Ask them questions – lots of questions

When it comes to estate agents selling your property, it’s important that you know exactly how they plan to sell your property. If they intend to advertise it online then ask them to tell you the websites they intend to use. Ask them all of the details about the services that they haven’t already given you, such as the protocol when it comes to conducting viewings. Additionally, estate agent fees are also incredibly important to talk about. Find out the percentage of the selling price they will take as well as the details of any additional fees that might be collected while the property is being sold, such as advertising fees or photography. If they don’t give you a straight answer about their fees, run away. A good agent will be absolutely clear about what they charge and might even talk to you about final estimates. Don’t be tempted by the agents that offer the cheapest fees. You want good value, not cheapness.

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