The clock with wings is free for two days

The clock with wings is free for two days

The story revolves around the clock lost on the morning of June 6, 1944 – the day that history has dubbed D-Day – and reappear seventy years later to mark the hours and minutes until the meeting with the fate of the three protagonists: a British paratrooper at the baptism of fire, a French child struggling with the fear of the dark, and his father, the darkness of his greatest sorrow has never forgotten.

Distant in time and space, yet all three have a mission related to the same object, the watch with a female name and the wings of the British Parachute Regiment engraved on the caseback. A mission that will take them to contemplate their past and their future with different eyes.

Journalist, author of two books well known to Italian fans watch (“Hands & C.” and “Rolex from A to Z”), guest Class Watches with an article on design, Marco Strazzi debut in fiction with a historical novel that is also a story of courage and a bridge between the heroes of yesterday and tomorrow.

The choice of January 27 as the second day of free promotion has a symbolic value. On the Sunday in which we remember the darkness of the Holocaust, it seems right to make available to everyone a book that is also a tribute to the Liberator came from afar to return the light of hope to the oppressed.

I recommend you read it for two days is FREE! And if you want then come back here to tell us how it went … A Saturday and Sunday with: THE CLOCK WITH WINGS.

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