The charm and elegance – new collection of Charms Extraordinaire from Van Cleef & Arpels at SIHH 2013

The charm and elegance

Watch and jewelry house Van Cleef & Arpels became famous a number of unusual inventions. Skill of designers known company has been proven time and again. Hands the best designers for many years created gorgeous jewelry and watches.

This time the brand has pleased his fans novelties from the collection Charms Extraordinaire, presented at the Geneva exhibition SIHH 2013. Note that the collection has been updated, it was first introduced to the brand in 2008.

Models from the line Charms Extraordinaire embody old tradition of jewelry and watches at home. This elegant watch with unusual dials.

The charm and elegance

On one of them winged fairy – a symbol of home, wish-fulfilling, poduv on dandelion (model Feerie Dandelion). Fairy is made of gold, her face – of a diamond, and the wings – of enamel. Dandelion is made of gold and diamonds. Inserted dial in 38 mm round case made of white gold with diamonds and sapphires.

Another novelty of this collection – Muguet, is another fairy picture, next to which a butterfly and lily of the valley. Miniatures are made by mother of pearl dial. Case of this watch is made of white gold, its diameter is 38 mm. Body decorated with yellow sapphires and diamonds.

Supplements the collection Charms Extraordinaire Lotus elegant model featuring a lotus flower. The outlines of the lotus, in the technique shampleve (champleve), transmits light. Champleve is a technique of enamelling in arts and crafts or on its object, follow the following process: cut cells on the surface of metallic object filled vitreous enamel, which after firing polished. Do not cut out of the surface of the structure remains visible shape enamel on ancient medieval works they usually were gilded.

The model is presented with the image of a lotus in a 32 mm housing, which is encrusted with diamonds, sapphires, and tourmalines.

The new collection can feel the spirit of spring. On her arrival resembles the image on the watch dial Hirondelles swallows. One of them is sitting on a branch, the other – to spread her wings and flies to the first. The birds are depicted on a background of blue sky and orange-pink flowers that convey the fresh smell of spring. New, too, has a 32 mm case in pink gold with pink and purple sapphires and diamonds.

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