Extatico Juntor – build hours for your taste

Extatico Juntor build hours for your taste

Description :

Spanish watch brand Extatico presents new wristwatch Extatico Juntor, the main feature of which is in the details, of which it is made. The future owner can choose the hours of all the components according to your taste and desire.

Corps – the company offers the following materials: aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, bronze, and any of these materials with PVD coating. At the request of the buyer, these same materials can be used for the back cover and the rotating bezel in either direction.

Extatico Juntor build hours for your taste

As the master of the brand, all the details of the model will be manufactured Extatico Juntor individually immediately after ordering hours. Color Case and strap also selects buyer.

Water resistant watches Extatico Juntor up to 200 meters. The model will be equipped with a Swiss mechanism ETA 6498-1.

You can buy watches from 875 to 1275 euros.

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