Collaboration continues with Glashutte Original Berlinale

Collaboration continues with Glashutte Original Berlinale

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Recently, the famous Swiss watchmaker Glashutte Original has announced the continuation of cooperation with the Berlin Film Festival in 2013. Through the partnership, watch brand and Berlinale will be presented the award “” Made in Germany “- a contribution to the prospects’ most talented young director. In addition, award-winning director is also a prize of 15,000 euros.

The competition will be open to all those filmmakers who will present their films in 2012 in the “Perspectives of German cinema.”

Note that at this year’s Berlinale – 2012 award went to German screenwriter, director and producer Annekatrin Hendel. It is the eve of the festival unfinished documentary film scenario of an explosion at a discotheque in Berlin Zadapnom in 1986. Winners are selected by a jury of 3 people.

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