The winner of the festival of short films received Potential model of Tissot

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No Comments agency as part of My Cinema on November 16 of this year, held a festival of short films Potential. Presented unusual format Film Festival, to evaluate the potential of its creator, in other words – to see a young director depth of talent and focus on the future of the participants to discover their potential serious filmmakers. That’s why it was chosen for the festival its name – “Potential”.

For the competition program of the festival from a large number of participants were selected only three very unpredictable. Participants had to apply their skills, talents and skills to create an original story that can attract viewers. The festival incorporates a new form of the winner.


During the evening guests were able to take pictures with the symbol of the festival – a huge black-eyed dolls. They enjoyed the songs and the singer Elizabeth group size project.

Winner in the “Best Director” was Vladimir Rozin – the author of the film “Diary of a smuggler.” He was able to realize the creative potential of the project to the studio My Cinema No Comments, and great Tissot watch from the partner of the event chain of boutiques watches Status.

In the category “Best Actor” won Sergey Ostrik, and in the category “best poster” – Ilya Klimov, created posters for the film “Diary of a smuggler.”

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