Angular Momentum watch is handmade Magnificent Plume



The company Angular Momentum watches introduces new handcrafted Magnificent Plume.

If you buy a watch in order to index the time, this model, I will say at once, does not suit you. New, more suitable for those for whom the clock – something a little more than a tool for determining the time – namely, enhancement, aesthetic carries the load.

Hours are based on the manufactured machinery with manual winding.

The body model with a diameter of 42 mm made of steel Staybrite. The outer part of the hours, in texture resembling woven basket is made of black lacquer Urushi.

And the most remarkable detail of new items – steel nib inlaid with diamonds and is located on the outer side of the body.

As for the indexing of time – it is obvious, in the background. To display the master had left a small aperture at the position “2” hours.

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