Bulova was born on my watch



The network on “my watch” after the launch of blogs on: Casio, Tissot, Sector Longines, Timex, Tag Heuer from a few days home to news and news of Bulova, a brand that in recent months is returning hero.

My Bulova Watch is edited by a Cannoletta Henry, one of the most accomplished Italian watchmakers and author of many technical reviews of the blog posts and watches.

It is always convinced that the synergy of these sites and technical information, the end user can make the most informed and can have the most expertise and independence in a conscious purchase of a watch from one of these major brands.

Visitors to the site My Bulova Watch will discuss the technical issues, beauty and care about the brand known around the world for the high-end collection of Bulova Accutron and often pioneering technology with innovative collections, among which Calibrator and Precisionist.

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