Review of hours of the East



East of all people associated with the reliability and quality. The well-known model of a clock, “Commander,” which has already become a legend in his name and won strength and stability, has a new design registration.

It is the combination of traditional quality with contrasting colors and classic shapes make this model a modern and original, which immediately attracted the attention not only to connoisseurs of quality, but the younger generation for whom design hours must meet the current fashion trends. Not less than pleased with the execution of an original new model Amfibia, stylish, expressive design that is ideal for active lifestyles.

Sport orientation combined with the power and reliability of their owners give courage, but at the same time watch the East looks perfectly like a business suit and with sportswear.

The company also pleased with the new collection of ladies’ watches, which can be traced in two directions: the expression of sport and refined elegance. Review of hours east allow everyone to find the model that certainly will appeal to you and your beautiful half.

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