New Collection 2012 Watches Brosway



We are approaching the summer, despite minicicloni raging in our country, all manufacturers of watches, fashion as usual at this time, present their new collections, among them today, we thought we’d introduce you through this very short post, i Brosway new watches.

To accommodate and appease the demands of the concrete man, to enrich its natural elegance of classic, yet contemporary charm, a clock from the retro chic.

Praise to the timeless charm.

We particularly liked these watches, the new collection consists of proposals from vintage to live in freedom.

Perfect balance between simplicity and style, ease and sophistication.

A winning blend for a timepiece discreet but decisive character.

The colors of the earth come to life in a military-inspired line of watches. Sporting attitude, aggressive design, meticulous construction.

Innovation and experimentation in a strong enhancement by the soul.

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