Maserati introduced a new clock

new clock


The company has prepared a new exclusive Bulgari watches in honor of the Maserati.

Check your watch. Maserati boasted once a novelty, but this time it is not a new car. The Italian automaker has introduced a new watch, which he prepared for the master of Bulgari. Novelty was the name Octo Maserati.

However, manufacturers speak of the hours as “the vision of perfection.” With this “vision” can be oriented not only in time but also to measure the speed of movement. As for the exterior of hours of Maserati, they are decorated with branded Italian trident, and are also equipped with a leather strap.

Obviously, the circulation Octo Maserati will be very small, but how many of these hours will be released, it is not clear. The manufacturer does not disclose the price and news, but when there are such names as Maserati and Bulgari, low-cost rests.

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