Luminox watches on the wrist of Edward “Bear” Grylls

Luminox watches


The famous British traveler, writer and television host Edward Michael “Bear” Grylls (Edward Michael ‘Bear’ Grylls) was on par with many eminent persons, preferring the sporty timepieces company Luminox.

Edward Grylls was only 23 when he conquered Mount Everest and hit the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest Briton to walk to the peak of the mountain.

During his studies at the SAS (Special Air Service), he learned some survival techniques, which are then used as material for the television show, find popular around the world. And it is not surprising that Grylls was invited to the TV channel ┬źDiscovery┬╗ as the leading TV program “Man vs. Wild.” The main purpose of the transfer – to teach the viewer the methods of survival in extreme conditions.

Grylls during the broadcast of their programs is selected from the desert island, eating raw fish, survive in the hot desert. The transfer of “Man vs. Wild” has an audience of more than 1.2 billion people and has a very high rating, and he’s leading the audience enjoys the sympathy and great respect.

Luminox watches

At a meeting with the Chief Scout of British fans went to watch Kingdom of Luminox Recon Point Man 8821 on the wrist. These specialized watches from the company Luminox designed primarily for reconnaissance and commando troops and intelligence units with a focus on the use of outdoorsy-field conditions, under water and in bad weather. Unique Chronograph is an effective way, and at the same time, a simple means of navigating the terrain. Watches are equipped with features determine the cardinal points and the speed of walking.

Watch Luminox Recon Point Man 8821 – an indispensable tool for camping gear, ekstrimala amateur or an experienced hunter, because of its excellent qualities, they are perfect the most important “survival expert” Edward Grylls, for which the correctly matched outfit – a pledge of life saved in extreme conditions.

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