How to choose a friend? Part 1

How to choose a friend?


Why do we love our friends? Most of all, reliability. Because they do not betray, support in difficult times. And just for the fact that they are always there. Watchmakers firm Orient sure: the clock can also be a friend. Present.

Inexhaustible imagination

Half a century ago in Tokyo, was founded Tama Equipment Co. Newly formed company began to conquer the global market. But a year later the owners decided to rename it in Orient Watch Co Ltd.

Ten years later, that is not so much to promote the brand, the company has managed to take second position in the list of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. At this time the company has opened offices around the world: Hong Kong, Brasilia, Beijing, etc.

Even during Soviet times, Orient watches, we considered not only “unearthly” chic, but also clearly pointed to the involvement of either the owner of the nomenclature, or the presence of “cronyism” in the exchange store. Today, Orient – one of the most sought after watch brands imported. Of course! For an affordable amount of any Russian can afford to buy really high quality stuff!

For example, the issue of hours of power reserve indicator is considered a privilege of eminent Swiss companies, and such models are not less than $ 500. But in the version of the Orient the price up to 10 times less. See the difference?

The distinctive features of Orient: building steel or galvanized steel, mineral or sapphire crystal, water resistance to 100 meters, with automatic winding mechanism. And nothing about the accuracy and reliability of course you can not say that!

How to choose a friend?

The fact that the company produces a huge number of watches: mechanical with automatic winding, quartz, electronic, powered by solar batteries, is no surprise. But few know that the Orient meets and orders of such famous fashion houses and designer brands like Town & Country, Marie Claire, Michiko London. Perhaps it is this experience helps designers to realize their fantasies of Orient in the unique clock.

Therefore, even the most incorrigible skeptic will not find flaws in the collections of the year – Automatic and Quartz.

Modest complexity

Be the first among equals is not easy. Not just to keep the level of which reached – must be constantly climb, all the while giving out something new, bright and memorable. To watch companies, this means that each new collection must strive not only to the optimal balance of design and quality, but also to ensure that the price of hours is not too reflected on the contents of the purse buyer.

Moreover, all the while keeping in mind the corporate style brand, joining the usual way, who came to taste the way millions of consumers with trendy trends. This is not on the shoulder of each firm. And Orient is not in vain at all, “on hearing”: watchmakers and designers of Japanese firms quickly respond to all the nuances of the modern demand. Every year more than 600,000 watches Orient appear on store shelves 100 countries, and the collection in 2002, once again emphasize the well-deserved prestige and authority of the Orient.

Today, designers say, to replace the bourgeois conservatism of former years come eye-popping brightness and chic. In this new model, Orient, as befits a true luxury items, look modest, conquering refined simplicity.

Experts believe the Orient: Automatic watch collection will please the most fastidious buyer. Their bracelets and body, beautifully harboring well-established mechanisms, stainless steel, soft luster which accentuates the elegance like design. The lines are so smooth that create a feeling of merging together the case and bracelet.

Mechanisms Orient deservedly considered one of the most reliable. But the durability of hours is not only connected with the state machinery, but with preservation of the external appearance of hours. Most models of the new collections are made of stainless steel, and the characteristics and coating technology guarantees the appearance of the clock for several years.

Bracelets made of stainless steel combines strength, reliability and convenience .. To fasten or unfasten the strap with just one click. But this does not mean that the buckle can take, and the clock suddenly fall from his hands. No, she was so designed that without your “participation” can not open up. So the owners of Orient watches specially protected against unpleasant contingencies, which are so generously throws life.

How to choose a friend? Part 2

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