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Hours Wendox are a combination of the British aristocracy with the modern with the latest trends and innovations. From the very first day of the base clock Wendox different quality and original designs that have always been available to a wide range of consumers. The main materials used in production are titanium, stainless steel and leather.

However, such conventional materials, due to an extraordinary design approach, give hours of reliability and confidence. Men’s watch collection Wendox designed for strong and solid people who are used to achieve their goals.

Hours Wendox fitted with efficient special mechanisms that allow to use the clock, even in the most extreme situations, whether under water or on the considerable heights, regardless of the temperature and pressure, and the clock is a unique design that is perfectly suitable for both adherent of the classics, so for the more emancipated young people. It is the combination of new technologies and the British conservative stands, reviewing hours of Wendox, which once again underlines the stability of British traditions that remain relevant today.

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