Chronoswiss watch company bought

Chronoswiss watch


After 28 years of management time by Chronoswiss Gerd-Rudiger Lang last year otoshol of business. Instead, he appointed himself Sigrun Schillings, Heinen and Charles Joseph Burgmayera. Today, the company left the Sigrun Schillings, Heinen – perhaps due to the fact that now in the process of purchasing a watch company Chronoswiss Swiss businessman.

The new owner will Chronoswiss Oliver Ebstein and his wife, Eva Maria. He also owns an investment company Meru AG in Lucerne. Since neither a businessman nor his wife have no experience in watchmaking, probably of the Chronoswiss not undergo significant changes. In any case, the second replacement of Gerd-Rudiger Lang – Carl Joseph Burgmayer – still continues to carry out their duties.

Gerd-Rudiger Lang now 68 years old. His first hour workshop he opened in 1981 in Munich. The first wristwatch Chronoswiss came a year later (although officially registered the mark only in 1984). Hourly factory in Munich, operates since 1983.

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