Pierre Michel Golay and his great clock in the exhibition WPHH 2012

great clock


Watchmaker Pierre Michel Golay at an international exhibition WPHH 2012 collection of luxury watches designed on the basis of manufactured machinery.

In creating a line of 47 hours and 43-millimeter shells used in the mechanical mechanism Calibre 2700 T with manual winding, with a diameter of 34 mm and a thickness equal to 5.30 mm. Caliber is equipped with Breguet hairspring and balance wheel with screws.

great clock

“Floating” tourbillon, the carriage of which is established in position 6 hours, placed on ceramic ball bearings. Indexing mechanism provides an analog hour and minute. Caliber, which includes 188 parts, 21 stone, has a 60-hour power reserve and the balance frequency 18,000 vph.

Sleek design, “Geneva Waves” and a great finish handmade decorated Calibre 2700 T.

Another gauge marks CC2 R 1780 hand-wound complicated function of the split-chronograph. Dimensions are 31mm caliber and 8 mm. Cruising range calibrator 100 hours, carrying frequency of 18 000 vph. The mechanism consists of 27 stones of 309 parts. Button chronograph on the body are located in positions 2, 4 and 9 hours. The crown with two positions and adjust the settings.

The mechanism of Calibre 2750 T Myst. PR is an improved version of a corporate-caliber hand-winding mechanism, and two drums. Diameter of 31 mm caliber, 5 mm thick. A creation of a 34-caliber stones used 228 components. Cruising range caliber is 144 hours, carrying frequency of 18 000 vph. Visible magical “floating” like a tourbillon hangs in the air, as nothing is not supported. Mechanism with features indicating hours and minutes of perfectly trimmed and decorated with “the Geneva waves.”

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