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Just recently saw the light of a new collection of ladies’ watches F. Gattien – French production that uses Swiss movements ETA, RONDA, MIYOTA. Nothing is more reliable and quality than a Swiss watch, and if they still make the French holders of high fashion, it turns creation, which conquers all women. Hours F. Gattien sleek and elegant. Huge selection reflected all styles: business and glamorous, avant-garde and minimalist, contemporary and classic.

The entire collection is divided into series that reflect the essence of feminine nature, character and mood. It was for her and created these models: memory, miracle, desire, and others. Simplicity of form and severity of the strap allows you to focus on the stylistic design of the case. Dial and hands are designed in such a way that you can immediately understand what the owner wants it.

Prestige and style – is the distinctive features of the entire collection, which embodies in itself all the subtlety and emotion feminine sensibility.

A woman, no matter what the style is not adhered to, constantly subject to change mood, this explains their desire to have several pairs of hours of this collection – a review of F. Gattien hours will choose something that will emphasize your individuality and inner peace.

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