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The first hours of collection Dkny watch model was designed exclusively for women, who adhere to their style of comfort and practicality. The selected style without extra luxury and sophistication, has won sympathy of millions of women who prefer a combination of classical tradition with a strict simplicity.

Today, in the range of hours Dkny, new lines – a kind of poignancy and femininity, which gives a business woman, a light delicacy and finesse? All models are designed for women who, in spite of its simplicity and a certain severity, appreciate individuality and functionality. Hours without a sparkle of diamonds and gold are perfect for those who were able to succeed his indefatigable energy and capacity for work, who take an active business life.

Recently published collection Dkny watches for men – strict and stylish, the brave and business. A classic elegant design perfect for hours of a successful businessman, and a kind of dynamics and aggressiveness of some models perfectly complement the image of strong and dedicated men. Collection of stylistic diversity makes it possible to choose the model that will accentuate your individuality and success, as it will help you find an overview of hours Dkny.

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