The November exports of Swiss watches

Swiss watches


Association of the Swiss watch industry has once again released the statistics of exports of chronographs. The November exports of watches continue to demonstrate strong growth of all indicators. This month, an increase of 16% compared to November last year. In addition, in November record was set: the first Swiss watch exports exceeded $ 2 billion francs. It is the largest monthly figure for exports of the country hours.

Swiss watches

As in previous months, the leadership in the ranking of sales growth holding hours in the case of gold, or gold. The number of Swiss watches exports rose by 24.3%, which in monetary terms amounts to 688.4 million francs. But the brother of gold – silver – showed a negative trend. Wrist watch in silver was exported by 9.2% lower.

Also at the 5% reduction in the number of exported Swiss clock whose value is equal to or less than 200 francs? At the same time the most active growth registered in the most expensive category – clocks cost of 3000 francs.

The leader among the importers is currently in Hong Kong. At the same time more than 50% in monetary terms exports increased hours for Germany and China. Russian Federation in this ranking is 14th. In November of this year were exported to Russia Swiss watch for 29 million francs – are nearly twice the November 2010 figures.

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