Fine jewelry watch Hera Tourbillon by Boucheron

Fine jewelry watch


Boucheron watch company has pleased fans brand new women’s watches Hera Tourbillon. New jewelry Hera Tourbillon watch is a perfect union of modern watchmaking and fine jewelry.

Novelty comes with an asymmetrical white gold in the form of a peacock. Housing has a width of 31.1 mm, height 36.2 mm and 10.8 mm thick. Case encrusted with diamonds, sapphires and tourmalines Paraiba. The front side of the body is equipped with a sapphire crystal, which is firmly on the case with bezel adorned with 52 diamonds.

The winder is installed in position 3 an hour, protected dark blue sapphire cabochon, ideally combined with a general background bathed in the rays of the body of precious stones. Water-resistant models is up to 30 meters.

Hera Tourbillon is based on an automatic mechanical caliber, Girard-Perregaux GP 9700.0A, a tourbillon complication in the three bridges.

The base plate 160 is paved with the mechanism of Paraiba tourmalines and 18 diamonds. Carrying fire frequency 21.600 vph.

Bracelet charms new radiance of precious stones in white gold. Bracelet studded with 271 diamonds Corps, 868 blue sapphires, 426 sapphires and turquoise Paraiba tourmalines 310.

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