Luxury Watch Hoops

Luxury Watch


Today we present unl new model of the Luxury Hoops.

Delicious, fun, chic, eye-catching, original luxury….. and now … … there are many adjectives to describe the new watch collection HOOPS …. … … Luxury model in the best fashion stores in 10 colors.

Luxury has a ‘unique case, a recognizable form, in short, an accessory that will complete the look of both women is more sophisticated than simpler ones.

The brilliance of the stainless steel case on which stand faceted colored glass, jewelry making this a unique accessory and is already becoming the new “object of desire” this fall winter.

And ‘possible to view the entire collection HOOPS at 300 selected stores in Italy.

Let us now with the technical characteristics:

  • Metal casing;
  • Stained Glass afaccettato opaque;
  • Rubber strap;
  • Quartz movement three spheres;
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