Colorful clock

Colorful clock


What hours do not only come up with designers to diversify our lives and make it brighter! Creators of new products in the world watches from the firm LePota pursued mainly motive brightness, because the mere sight of this miracle up their spirits and accurately be called faceless and gray.

They especially need people like creative professions or simply original.

Novelty is RALbow colour clock and already from the title can be understood meaning of the design concept. The dial of this watch is painted in shades of a color palette 210 PAL and not very much like a rainbow. Undoubtedly, such bright clock can enliven any interior, whatever it was. Even in the interior in minimalist style, these watches would be appropriate, and will edakii bright spot on the wall.

As planned by the designers, the clock can be not only an ornament, but also a good helper for creative people who are in conversation with the customer must have a color palette, because people often can not articulate what color they want to see the walls of his room or living room furniture.

Unfortunately, the unknown, what else are famous designers from the Russian firm LePota, while they are still young enough. In the meantime, let us rejoice hours RALbow colour clock and lift your spirits, I admire them.

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