A new community dedicated to the brand Timex Watches

Timex Watches


Pleased to announce that after the launch of the community dedicated to Casio, Tissot watches and Sector, a few days is online My Timex, a brand new project dedicated to news about Limbiate watches a watch of U.S. historical brands.

After many years in fact, Timex continues to be an important landmark in the watch segment mold technology.

Mark limbo that I know well that binds us together for many years with the blog of the watches I confessed to being “certain” to be able to repeat the success with other brands that are part of the network at my watch.

Besides, his confidence is based mainly on results obtained from continuous brand Timex , how can we forget, for example, in 1980, when he was the only brand that survived the earthquake caused by digital technology and the price war that was followed .

Timex is the sixth brand that joins the network “ilmiorologio”, preceded by Casio, Tissot, Sector, Tag Heuer and Longines – the latter managed by Henry Cannoletta homonymous watch Sanremo.

As always, the main objective is place to Limbo, also widely known these watches, which I personally find unique and innovative, through the presentation of news and the daily interaction with consumers.

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